Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Britynn's Birthday party

Our little pebbles had her first Birthday!! The party didn't go exactly as planned. Britynn had a very short nap and didn't have much of an appetite. She ended up throwing up all over me while I was trying to feed her a bottle. She was still a pretty good sport. She was not interested in the pool, but she really had fun making a big mess with her piece of cake, she didn't eat any of it though. Thankfully she is back to full health again! The cake I made turned out great!! I had never worked with fondant so I was a little unsure, I was however very surprised to see how well it all came together. Happy Birthday little Britters!
We Love you Sweet baby girl

B's One year Pics Continued


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Britynn's first year

I can't believe that a year ago we were welcoming our new little baby girl into the world! She has truly brought so much joy into our loves! I am so thankful to be her mother and for all that she has taught me over the past year. She and I have very much in common, My mom is always telling how much we are alike and it is not just the looks. Britynn is truly an angel, she has always been such a lovely little girl, loves to be hugged and snuggled. I have been taking a picture of her each month so that I can see how she has changed over the past year, unfortunately we don't have a one month photo.

2 weeks
Loving the nursing thing, and pretty much sleeping all the time
you went to Virginia beach and to Williams burg.

2 months

Started to love looking at peoples faces, started tracking very well and holding your head up. Loves books especially contrast books!

3 months
Getting really good at grabbing things to put into her mouth, everything was in you mouth by this age! We went to Virginia beach again during this month.

4 months

Loves to grab faces and try to eat them. Waking up once in the night. On September 26Th you rolled from you back onto your belly all by your self for the first time!

5 months
Introduced rice cereal, not so sure about it yet. Started saying Mama. We moved up to Fort Drum during this time, visited the Washington DC Temple along the way.

6 month
Now loves Rice cereal and applesauce. Sitting up all by herself. Making motor sounds. We moved to Arizona this month and you meet your cousins Nixen and Maycee for the first time.

7 months

Discovered your ears. Started clapping your hands and when we asked you to clap for us you were always happy to dot it.

8 months
All sorts of new foods to discover now. Loves Green Beans, Carrots, Squash, Sweet potatoes, Peaches and Pears. You were full on crawling by now. Daddy came to visit for a month and you started saying "Dada."

9 months
Sleeping through the night started becoming a thing of the past, with you cutting so many teeth! This is when you started saying the word "What". You started pulling yourself up to standing position. I left you with Aunt Shanna for about 6 days so that I could go visit Daddy.

10 months
You got your first ear infection. You really started becoming more social. Waving o people and Blowing kisses. You discovered your tongue and Belly. We went to Freestone for your first ride on the train.

11 months

You recently started sleeping wonderfully lately. You have one nap a day for about five hours and you would still sleep through the night! You are starting to love playing outside and are now Crawling all the way to the top of the stairs! We are sure lucky that there are a lot of kids around to inform us when this happens. The kids are so helpful and follow up right behind her. So far she hasn't had a bad fall.

I can't believe our little B is now ONE Year old!! I really have been feeling like things have been happening so fast lately. Maybe it has something to do with the constant transition we have been in for the past two years? Little Britters is still not walking independently, but she is now walking along things alot more. She is very good at imitating, she will click her tongue if you do it and she will wave and blow kisses when someone else is doing it to her. She is such a social little girl, always has been easy going. She started waving at all the people in church one Sunday as they were leaving gospel doctrine class. She loves to clap her hands, dance to music, splash really really hard in the bathtub (and will throw a fit if you try to get her out). She has quite a few words in her little vocabulary: She can say- No No, Hi, Momma, Bottle, Daddy, What, Uh Oh, Belly, Ear, What, All Done and is really trying to say I love you! She can say the the "Love" part pretty good. She knows where her belly is and her feet, sometimes she will touch her head when I ask her where it is. The cutest thing that she has recently started doing, is joining in laughter when everyone else is doing it!!! She has the sweetest little giggle!! She loves her brother and sister and lights up every morning that she sees them and gets to play. She doesn't like to sit in the grass, (especially if she doesn't have long enough pants to cover her legs) She will hold her legs up off the grass if that is the case. She loves stuffed animals of any kind and will just melt right into them. She is really the happiest baby I have ever seen, always has a smile on her face even when she is sick. We all say that she has an award winning smile!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sneek Peek of Britynn's one year photos

I am so blessed to have such a talented Sister in Law! We love these pictures and can's wait to see more. I was very surprised to see how well these turned considering the fact that Britynn wasn't feeling very well. It was really quite funny when out of nowhere Britynn started throwing up. She was sitting on the old trunk when this happened, luckily my dad was able to catch her in time and the puke ended up in the grass and not on the very special family heirloom. I hope that I can inherit it someday. Our little Britynn is such a Beautiful girl! We can't wait to get more of the pictures!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random stuff

My mom had her birthday this month so I decided to make her a special cake with her favorite colors. It didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped but I guess I shouldn't have expected perfection since I had just learned how to make the Ribbon Rose the night before.

Britynn had her one year check up. She was a bit behind on her immunizations so she had four shots two in each leg. To top it off I am pretty sure that she is cutting her first molar!! She has been sick too and lost 5 ounces from her last Dr apt which was a month before that. Hopefully she gets all better for her birthday on Friday.

Kenidi graduated from Kindergarten today. They usually stay in kindergarten for a full year but she was able to advance to what they call Pre-1st Grade! She was so cute with her little cap and diploma. They were supposed to have a pool party at Logan Fischer's home but it was canceled due to bad weather.

Adam got his Hard drive stolen this past week!! It was very upsetting because there was a lot of valuable information in it....things like 7 years of family pictures, passwords to all of our accounts, and the worst one of all TAX info which has social security numbers!! We were both sick over this. Thankfully our prayers were answered and someone finally returned it. The person was a translator and he said that her found it sitting outside the MWR. So stuck it in his drawer and forgot about it. I don't know if I believe that, but I am working on getting both Adam and I on Life lock.

Kaden has been such a sweet little boy lately. He is so lovey all the time!! He is now able to spell his name and can almost write it out. We are still working on the letter K. I am so happy that he has taken off with this because for a while there I was worried that he would always resent me teaching him.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Are we Done Yet?

Sharee and I were having a conversation earlier tonight and the topic of having more kids came up. Today was another one of those stressful days and the last thing I could think about was having more children. So when she mentioned the possibility I said with much conviction in my voice "We are not having any more children"!

Kenidi was in the room and interrupted the conversation and said... "It is not up to you to decide how many children you have, it is up to Jesus to decide that"! I just looked at her with no response to her comment and she then continued. "I think that you will definitely have more children, like 7 or maybe even more than that you just never know." I was very surprised that she had so much to say about the matter. Ummm I don't know that I could handle 7 kids! I can barely handle 3 for crying out loud. I love children and I really love being a mommy, but 7? Wow!

Parent Teacher Conference

I was finally able to meet with Kenidi's teachers Mrs. Rachel and Mrs. Tina. I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to finally get updated in how Kenidi has been doing. I had a wonderful visit for about 30 minutes, they said that Kenidi has a wonderful time in class and that she blends right into the Montessori program. She has recently really taken off with her reading and has had a easy time learning Math. They said that she catches on really quickly and has an easy time comprehending certain things they teach her. She is alot like me when it comes to her tendency to stay in her own little comfort zone. The Montessori program is very much a learn at your own pace program so she doesn't typically make a whole lot of good academic choices without someone suggesting it. She has a tendency to want to do more of the arts and crafts. She is definitely one of those that will need a push, but once you get her going she will not stop and she has it made up in her mind that she is going to do it perfectly. They said that Kenidi has a lot of friends and that she is loved by all!! It was kinda funny because when I went to her "Show Me Night" at the school, I was bombarded by several of the mothers of the children in her class who said that their son or Daughter is always requesting that they dont have Peanut Butter in their lunch because they wanted to sit next to Kenidi at lunch that day. I thought that was too cute!!! I love Kenidi's teachers, and I lover her school!! I sometimes wonder how anyone can learn without having a hands on format and that is what I really love about Kenidi's school.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gotta love the desert!

Let me just say that I will never ever ever make Arizona my permanent place of residence! There are many reasons for this and one of the biggest ones is SCORPIONS!!

I walked into my room today and found a big fat one!! Every time I see these devilish creatures I cring, this time I screamed. I have flash backs of when I was stung three times on the arm. That was a very traumatising experience for me.

I really fear for the kids that they could get stung. That is what really scares me, they say the smaller the scorpion the more deadly and the smaller the child the more serious affects. I pray that it will never happen to my children.

Monday, May 9, 2011

An Amazing Memory

So today I needed to get Kenidi's prescription filled and decided that since Kenidi knows how to use my cell phone that I would teach her how to fill a prescription.

I showed her the box of her old prescription and that the Walgreen's label had the phone number to call. I tell her the numbers as Iam entering it into the phone, I had it on speaker so she could hear what the recording would sound like and then we put the prescription number in. We finished with the order.....

Two hours goes by and Kenidi goes outside to play and does some crafts with her new scissors. Britynn woke up and so I sat down to feed her a bottle, right after I sat down my phone rang and I couldn't get up to get it.

Kenidi hunted it down and brought it into me. I then looked on my missed call log and saw an unfamiliar number as I looked at it I said "Hmmm wonder who's number this is 480-835-0970??" I didn't even realize that Kenidi was listening to me when I said that. Then all of a sudden she looks up at me with this little face and says " Mommy that was the number to Walgreen's, don't you remember!!" I was still a little sceptical that she actually knew that, so I decided to go fish the box out of the recycle bin and sure enough the number was right on there!!

Holy Cow kid!!! Who are you, do you have some crazy photographic memory or something!! Here I am 26 and I can't even remember a 10 digit number but my 5 year old daughter had it memorized after me telling it to her only once!! I guess I shouldn't be so surprised she always beats me at the memory game. Well all I can say is that I wish I had a memory like that!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Bye Harley

Where do I begin?? I got a call from Jennifer Singleton last night and had a conversation for about 30 minutes. She said that Harley's Dr apt didn't go well, he had lost two pounds but that didn't seem to make a difference with his eyes. His eyes have been causing a lot of pain and even the pain meds haven't been helping all that much. He wasn't able to sleep for several nights since his eyes were so swollen and bulging he couldn't even close his eyes all the way. The Vet said that he has Glaucoma and that the cause is unknown, their only recommendation was to remove both of his eyes. Unfortunately it would have cost anywhere from 1400-2300 to get them out!! We were not going to make any quick decision and Jenny couldn't afford it. I made several calls to different Animal Hospitals and found that just about everyone charges about the same. We knew that whatever we did we needed to do it soon because he was in a lot of pain. The thing that worried me was that even if we did remove the eyes he could still have a much bigger problem that the blood work wasn't picking up, like Cancer! I wish I had all the money in the world and could have done whatever it took to make him better. We met up at pet smart at 5 pm today and said our goodbyes to Harley. He was such a good little dog and we all have a lot of fond memories of him, he will forever be in our hearts. I never knew that I could love a dog as much as I love him!! We love you Harley and look forward to the time that we will be able to see you again.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Man of the house

My little Kaden has been such a big helper while daddy is away. Everyday he does the sweetest things to make me smile. There is not a day that goes by that I don't hear him say
" Mommy, you are so cute I love you"! He just melts my heart. Tonight while I was singing to them he had a special request for me to sing his favorite song ( I am a child of god) as I begin singing the song he looks into my eyes with a big grin on his face, leans over and gives me a big kiss! He is such a sweet sweet boy. He has been such a big helper with Britynn any time he sees her come near something that she could choke on her will run over and pick it up right away, or else alert me that there is danger. He is always looking out for his little sis. Some days I think that there is no way that I could have another child but when you share special moments like these and have such an outpouring of blessing come form these pure Christlike little people you just cant help but want more! I have been enjoying the time we get to spend together during the day now that Kenidi is in school. He now knows all but three of the letters and each of their sounds, pretty soon I will start teaching him to read some three letter words. I love being a mom and really feel the blessings come to us at this time of need.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter and Christmas are two of the biggest holidays for us. I think a lot of the reson is that they both have to do with the savior. I have been really trying hard to get the kids to remember the true reason that we celbrate Easter, it is kinda hard to have to compete with the secular world! We thankfully had the opportunity to go to the Easter Pagent at the Mesa Temple and be reminded again why we celebrate this wonderful holiday. We did however overdo it with the egg hunt as always. We had a good time and a delicious meal! The whole family came over and we actually got a picture of all five grandkids together. The pictures turned out so beautiful thanks to Andrea!! She is such an amazing photographer