Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quest for more patience

I have been thinking a lot lately about life and all that we have to endure. I have been praying for patience I have always felt I am seriously lacking in that area! It is such a wonderful virtue one that the savior posessed I am thankful for his example, I find myself contemplating each day whether my actions are virtuos and if I am the right kind of example to my children, I would have to say that I have done a lot of changing since I got married all of these changes were for the better and I would have to give the credit to my family especially my children they have helped me to become more selfless, they truly keep me pure! I know I still have a long way to come yet. I go to bed most nights thinking if only I could have taken the time to show my husband I love him more, if only I could have spent more time satisfying my spiritual needs, or a simple phone call to a friend that I have been wanting to talk to, but never got the chance because my list of things to do only grows larger each day and so that thing that was once highest priority is now at the bottom of the list! How sad it is that I end my day with regrets. It is definatley hard being a mother and a wife. I guess the only answer that comes to mind is the savior, and so it ultimately comes down to my faith in him and that through his sacrifice I can be made clean, because I will never be perfect, I will never do everything I had hoped to do, but just to know that it is okay if I can't do it all. Not only have I been praying for patience but also to be receptive to the spirit to know my childrens individual needs since each of us are uniqely different! Church was so wonderful today Sis Gonda gave an excellent talk on baptism and preparing your children for that wonderful time in their lives when they get to take on a new name( Jesus Christ) but she talked about how it is the resposibility of the parents to see to it that our children are spiritually fed and that we take the time to make sure we are creating a home condusive to the spirit and that we should not wait for our children to be older to start teaching gospel principles, we started reading scriptures with kenidi several months ago, and she loves it!! I doubted her ability to understand and always thought she was too young to sit still and pay attention, I don't know why I did that It was in fact the exact opposite! She loves the scriptures, If ever there is a time where I forget to read she will remind me, It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how she has blessed us in so many ways:) Of cousre she is a three year old and has no problem telling me what's up, we have recently reached this stubborn phase where she wants to do what she wants to do. This is partly the reason for me praying for patience!! But now that I am doing a little more reflecting, I am realizing that we haven't had family home evening for the past few weeks, that seems to always make a world of difference for our family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sticker crazy

Kaden loves stickers, I am always finding him in kenidi's room eating stickers! So one day adam decided to put them all over his face, I think he got his sticker fix, because I haven't found him in there ever since! :)