Friday, September 25, 2009


Tonight as we sat down to eat dinner... I looked out the back window and noticed this beautiful rainbow. Kenidi was so excited, she has been asking me when she can see a rainbow and why they never come out when it's raining! I always have to explain to her that they only happen when there is light shining through the clouds. Well today it finally happened she was so excited! She kept saying "I saw my first rainbow," I saw my first rainbow!" "We have to tell daddy!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bel Aire ward campout

Our family went camping this past weekend on the 18th and 19th. The campgroung was really pretty it was right next to Santa Fe Lake. We got there a little late on friday night and then set up our tent. Afterwards we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows. A few people in our ward play the guitar so we all sang songs together. It was a lot of fun! Kaden however didn't sleep well that night, we had him in a sleeping bag so he was free to roam, it was hard time getting him to lay still, eventually he fell asleep but kept wakeing up throughout the night and laying his head right on my face! The kids got really dirty, and that was hard for me to see, since I can't stand them getting dirty! I had to just take a deep breath and know that eventually we would all go home get showers and be free from the yucky camp fire smell in our hair!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bringing in the harvest

This year we planted a garden, It was our first garden and we learned a lot! We planted watermelon, butter nut squash, roma tomatoes, bib lettus, cherry tomatoes, cantelope, corn, zucchini, carrots,and cucumbers. It was a lot of work especially in the beginning since we planted them in pods first and had them under lights in our basement. The transission from artificial light to natural was hard on them, but they still made it, I have to wonder if they would have grown bigger though if we had just planted them directly in the ground. The great thing though is that our seeds are heirloom, which means we can save the seeds and replant them, they will bless us for years and years, we already saved the seeds from our large tomato. I couldn't believe how many tomatoes we got! I counted these and believe it or not, but there are 180 roma tomatoes here and this isn't even all of them, at the time there were still about 80 more on the vine. I decided to make salsa, and give it to our friends and neighbors. I am still in the process of making the salsa, so far it has been an all day project! But I will post more on that once they are all in pretty jars:)

The squash was so good with a little butter,
brown sugar, and nutmeg.

This was a milk pail my father used
when he was a little boy ! I got the pretty
yellow flowers from hobby lobby and the
ribbon as well. I love it I just can't stop
looking at it. I am so lucky to have
this family heirloom!

This picture was taken back in august, the
Watermelon tasted really good back then. It has kinda
lost it's flavor now however, I have had to toss
a few of them out.