Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poor Poor Harley

We have been worried sick about Harley!! I received a phone call from Jennifer Singleton who is his owner now. She asked if he had allergies and informed me that his eyes were bulging!! I didn't know if that was really something that related to allergies but they went ahead and took him to the doctor and over the past month or so they have spent over 1000 dollars in medical bills and prescriptions. They were first very confused and didn't know what it was, then a few days later they said that it was an eye infection and when the medication didn't help they referred her to a specialist. The specialist said that he had partial vision loss and that she thought it had to do with ticks. So she was hopeful and used all the meds they told her to.

Well things have not gotten better and I got a message from Jennifer today just letting me know that Harley is Blind!! The vet says that it is due to his initial infection and they think that because he is overweight that the fat has gone to his eyes. I don't know if I believe that, in fact the problem could be much deeper than that. They also said that they will be moving to Alaska very soon and they don't think that he will be able to adjust to the change especially now that he has this new impairment. I feel so terrible I do feel like I should take him back after all he was our dog to begin with. I am overwhelmed just thinking about bringing him back with him being even more overweight and blind!! I don't want to be cruel but what if this problem that he has is in fact stemming from a much more serious problem, then we will have medical bills coming out of our ears. My mom and I were talking about it earlier and she thought that it might be necessary to put Harley down :( I know that would be the last resort but it is definitely something to think about. As of right now I am going to do as much research for common illnesses in his particular breed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter egg hunt

Our ward Barbecue was this past Saturday and the primary had a special little Easter egg hunt planned. They were so excited and thank goodness it was fair for everyone especially the younger kids. I was worried that all the older kids would find all of them but they had made just the right amount for everyone to have five eggs. The kids were so excited when the Easter bunny came out and showed them the way to go. I love my parents ward!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kenidi's first field trip

Her first field trip was to the Phoenix Zoo. She was so excited since she had to miss her last field trip, thankfully she wasn't sick this time around! I really wanted to go as a chaperone but it would have been too hard bringing all kids with me and since it was an all day thing I knew there was no chance of us all surviving the heat. Instead my mom went with her class and was able to get all these beautiful pictures of her. Apparently the zoo has changed quite a bit since the last time I went. They have a new sting raye exhibit and have done some work on the Orangatang exhibit as well. I just wish that it was closer to us!! Kenidi was so excited that her whole class got to wear the same T-shirts, she came home and said that she wanted to wear it to school the next day! We love Kenidi's school and her Teachers are amazing!! I love that her schoold teachers her such a wide variety of things. She will come home and teach me something new and it always seems to be things that are so unique!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The difference between BOYS and GIRLS

Same Cupcake

Different Mess

Need I say More?