Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our busy life from September- November 2012

These past few months just seemed to fly by way too fast! The holidays hit and pretty soon so many things have happened that I just cant keep track of it all. We sure have been a busy bunch lately! Between my calling and Adam's, plus pre- deployment phase and Piano lessons we keep ourselves in a constant motion! I    love our busy lifestyle, BUT on the other hand it sure would be nice to have a date with my husband every once in a while! I am not going to vent, I usually save that for Adam's ears only (poor Guy) I love you! Thanks for putting up with me. I am sure thankful to have a faithful, hardworking, devoted, honest and supportive husband. I just couldn't ask for a better friend! So here are some fun things we have been doing over the past few months.

  I discovered that a half an hour of a HUGE mess was worth it for some time to myself. All it is is flour, Who would have thought?

                       Kids are just happier when they can make messes and not get into trouble for it!

I made a new wreath it's Fall/Winter and I love it cause I don't have to make another one!

                                      We went to the apple-dale orchards, SOOOO much Fun!!

              This one is my favorite! It looks like one of those display pictures you would find in a new frame.

We each got to pick out a pumpkin

Little miss Kenidi had her 7th birthday party! We did a bake party and it turned out quite nice! They made Pizza and I taught them how to frost cakes 

Joni and Kenidi
Best Friends!

Later that day we went to the ward Trunk or Treat

We won an award for the best family Costume

                                                                Kenidi got her ears pierced!

Thanksgiving day was a lot of fun! We had a few guys from Adams work come over and a newly married couple from the ward. The elders came over in the morning and helped me slather the Turkey with butter then they played a game of football. Later that night we played minute to win it games! It was seriously so Hilarious!

We put our Christmas tree up early this year, usually I wait till thanksgiving night but this year I put it up a few days before.

                       Keep three balloons off the ground for 1 minute, looks simple right. IT'S NOT!!

A tissue box full of jingle bells strapped to your waist, jump around to get all the bells out in 1 minute.