Wednesday, August 8, 2012

observation for the day

So I have been super overwhelmed with planning a baby shower all by myself and really felt a need to just take a break and relax from making all the handmade decorations for the party. It was quite a stress reliever to just sit in my dinning room and look out the window while Kenidi and Kaden were playing on the swing set out back. So as I sat there I noticed that Kenidi was chatting away, she always has so much on her mind. Kaden was next to her swinging and licking his ice cream cone but had really not much of anything to say. So then I started to imagine what it is like when Adam and I are conversing and well it is pretty much the same scenario. Some things will always stay the same! It may just be a Steimle thing or maybe it is just the difference between girls and Boys. It gives me a good laugh none the less.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Palmyra and Niagra Falls Trip

July was a very busy month for us! My mom was in town for two weeks and during that time we had many fun trips planned. It was such a peaceful experience to go to the Sacred Grove, the small little sounds of Creatures really helped me to imagine that spring morning of 1820. I just couldn't stop thinking that I was actually standing in an area where God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared! I sat on one of the benches and just felt this overwhelming feeling of peace come over me. It was interesting to think that some of those trees actually stood there at the time that Joseph Smith had his Vision, my mom was noting that at that time those trees would have been just babies. So I looked really hard for all the really Big trees which wold have been now fully grown. Later that night we went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant and I mean to tell you I was thoroughly impressed! They really went all out with the staging and the props everything was amazing and the kids were so wonderful the whole time which is a big Bonus! After staying in Palmyra for almost two days we headed to Niagara falls which is really only about an hour and half drive. We took a trip to the Falls back in May with our Couples Retreat so this was our second time going. It was very nice to go again and I am sure we will be heading back that way a lot more in the future. Next time we are going to the Canada side!

                   This guy does tight rope walking in Niagara Falls, but on the Canada side and he does this all day.

All of the pictures from here down are from our May trip to the Falls that I am just now posting, I am so on the Ball here!!

                                           Kaden is just like his Daddy; A BIG GOOFY NERD!

Britynn was shivering the whole time on The Maid of the Mist. We had to huddle up in the back and then she fell asleep from all the rocking of the Boat.

                                                             Our little Thrill seekers!