Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Britynn's 2nd Birthday!!

Our sweet little baby britters is not a baby anymore :-( It is hard to believe that she is already two! Man time is really escaping from me. Britynn turned two on may 20th. We had our friends from Oswego come into town and stay with us for the weekend. Britynn's birthday was pretty low key, I figured that she is still too young to have a big party so we just did the usual stuff. We went on our family bike ride and then came home for cake and presents. She is very much into Mickey Mouse so I decided to make her a Minnie mouse cake and she LOVED it! It was a bit of a challenge prob because I didn't have all things needed to make it. I had to improvise and make the bottom layer brownie since I ran out of cake mix. Consequently the different textures stacked on top of one another created a big bulge on the side so I had to try and tuck it in with a ribbon around the base.

So every year I like to make a list of my children's favorite things it seems like they are all quickly changing so I have a goal to do these little servery on their birthday.

All about Britynn

Fave food:  Bagels, eggs, Fish ( especially Talapia) and Flowers (also know as cauliflower & Broccoli)
Fave T.V. Show:    Blues clues and Mickey mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Activity:  Going on family bike rides especially now that we have a seat attached to my bike
Dislikes: She does not like to get her teeth brushed by other people

Britynn is such a lovable little snuggler, she is very sensitive and is sensitive to others especially when they get owies. She is very friendly to all people and says "Hi", to just about anyone. She is very polite and says "please" and "thank you",without being told to say it. She will keep saying "thank you" until you acknowledge her and say "You're Welcome"! She knows about five of her shapes.  She love to pretend especially with her food, she will bite until it turns into shapes like a heart or a Dinosaur. She is very proud of her little creations and holds them high in the air to announce what she has made. She love to sing her ABC's and can count to 13! She can also stack and amazingly high tower of blocks. She loves balls and has one heck of an arm, It is a very exciting thing for her to throw the ball and have someone then throw it back! she will giggle and get really excited. Her best friends are Kenidi and Kaden and Brianna from church. She cant quite make the R sounds very well though so she ends up calling her Banana! She also says a few other things that I just cant bring myself to correct... for example she will call her sippy cup "Sicky Cup"! I love it ! LOL Britynn is very attached to her blanket that Grandma Wanlass gave to her when she was born. When she cant find it she will go around the house calling out "Blankie, where are you?" Until she finally finds it. She is a clean Freak and will wipe her own face clean in between bites of food. And will request wipe after wipe until it is cleaned to her satisfaction. She came into the Kitchen yesterday and saw that I was making pizza and the first thing she says is  "Mommy hands messy!" Then she leaves and comes back seconds later holding up the wet wipe tub for me to clean with and insists that I clean up! This girl cracks me up!! Last of all her favorite color is Green which is also the only color that she can name correctly. Oh and I also forgot even though she is a clean freak she can also really enjoy making a mess while it lasts the pics of her playing in the dirt speak for itself! Love You Britynn!              YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE !!!!