Thursday, October 14, 2010

Britynn is Four Months

Britynn has been really changing over these past few months. She started rolling onto her belly on the 26th of september and right around that same time she stated discovering her little toes. She is constantly pulling her hands together and putting objects into her mouth. She is such a loveable little girl, so peacful and full of smiles. She has recently started to giggle and loves to play Pat a Cake. Aside from being the cutest Baby in the world and always being such a delight to be around, she also has the most beautiful singing voice!! She wakes me up every single morning to her singing :) Which reminds me of another exciting new thing she has been doing and that is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I am so excited about this I have been trying to get her to go for longer spans and she is now finally going from about eight pm to 6-7 am ahhhh! What a sigh of relief:)

NAS Oceana Naval Airshow

Adam took Kenidi and Kaden To the airshow on Spetember 18th. As a kid he and his family loved to go to the arishows. Adam desires to pass that same tradition on to his kids, he was reminising the night before the show about his childhood memories and the excitement of seeing the Blue Angles. I went to Williamsburg with my Dad that day and We had Sister Thorn Babysit Britynn for the day. I really wanted to go to the Airshow but I figured that with Williamsburg being so close to us I would go there instead and have some Daddy daughter time myself. I unfortunatley dont have any of the pictures from Williamsburg since my Dad took all the pictures, but We will be going back to Williamsburg again before we leave and I will get some then.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The conference packet this year had a bunch of fun activites, like finger puppets of the prophets and this fun little Liahona. Kenidi and I both had a blast making it. I wish I were creative enough to put something like this together whoever it is that combines these activity packets must be very creative.

It is fun to pretend like it is the real Liahona that Lehi and their family used, I explained to Kenidi that it only works the same as it did for Nephi and that is you have to be faithful in order for it to work properly. She keeps calling it her basket though ;)

I was consumed in cleaning the kids closet and organizing all of their art supplies. Once I was all done I turned around to find a little sleeping beauty!

The kids were so excited when I announced that we would be painting our rocks!! I asked them a couple of weeks ago to start collecting their favorite rocks, they were so excited and didn't waste anytime with accomplishing this task. One of my most favorite books is titled "Way To Be" by Gordon B. Hinkley. He has listed 9 different ways to help you be happy and live a productive life The kids picked their favorite ways to be and then painted the rocks. Kenidi's rocks were Be Smart and Be Humble, both are things that she is very much striving to be every day. Kaden painted his rock red and chose his favorite way to be which was Be Grateful. I painted my rock white and chose my favorite way to be which was Be Clean. Adam later joined in and picked the Be Positive way to be. We were actually going to have family home evening based off of each of these ways to be and with each new lesson we would paint a rock, as you can see that didn't quite work out so well. We will have to do some catching up:) We still have 4 more ways to be left. I love my family and every single moment I have as a mother to nurture my childern and raise them with love and learning. Family nights are by far our most favorite day of the week.

Little Britynn was so sweet and helped
by pulling the table cloth all while singing
to herself. She has always got a grin on her face!