Wednesday, December 14, 2011

catching up part one

I cant believe it has been four months since my last post!!! I feel guilty but at the same time I don't. We are finally a family again and the last thing I have wanted to do is take anytime away from that. We have been enjoying every minute with Adam. The kids are thrilled for him to be home. Since it has been so long I figured I would just try my best to summarize the past few months.
 Before we left for New York we spent a good amount of time hanging out at the Arizona science center. This science center has three levels so you can easily spend several days exploring all that it has to offer.

                                                          Aunt Shanna on a bed of nails

 Waiting with much anticipation to see daddy for the first time in over 8months! The kids were up till about 1:30 that night. It took Britynn a little bit to warm up to daddy, but by the time we got in the car she was already making flirty faces with him. Thank goodness for skype, he remained a familiar face because of it.

                                        OH THE JOY!! It seemed this day would never come

         Our gift for Adam's homecoming was a jar of milk, They didn't have milk in Afghanistan

Adam decorated the house for kenidi's party while Grandma and Grandpa Clement took the kids to the indoor playground. The turnout was great kenidi had about seven kids from her class come. We played games and did face painting and watched a strawberry shortcake movie and popped popcorn. It was a lot of fun, but a bittersweet end to the day since Bob and Marianne had to leave right after all the celebration was over.

                                          Best Friends
                                    I don't care about this big lion suit anymore, I have candy Now!!
                                                  Kenidi finally got her pillow pet

                             We visited the Ives retirement home in watertown for Veterans day, We had a nice visit with the veterans and gave them some yummy lion House rolls. We are now volunteering there and have had a good time getting to know the people there.
                                     As we drove into the Walmart parking lot we noticed seagulls flying onto the parked cars I thought it would be fun to feed them and they all went nuts!
                                                                    I love this one!!
                           making all the parts for the cake, it was a lot of work but also very fun!!

                                                                    Finally finished!! Yay
                                                            Adam Receiving his award

                                                                   The classic spike
                                                                    Hello Handsome!!
                                                                 A new wreath I made
The soldiers lined up for the award ceremony

Our new little Friend

Kenidi got the good Citizen award for the month of November.

 Britynn LOVES LOVES LOVES books!!
  Best pals sitting in the tractor at daddy's work

                                                   Best Big brother anyone could ask for

   Playing in the snow with neighbor friends