Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey

Kaden and I went to the circus last night! Uncle Shem had bought two tickets for the opening night but realized a while later that he would have a Lab that night so he offered us the tickets. I was kinda worried since there was only two tickets. I proposed and idea to the kids and they chose what they wanted to do more. Kaden decided that he absolutely wanted to go to the circus and Kenidi was pretty easy going about the whole thing, instead of going to the circus She and I will be going to get Ice cream and then paint some pottery at As You Wish.

The Circus was in down town Phoenix in the US Airways Arena. It was a much better experience then the last circus that we went to. It was a three ring circus so it was kinda hard to really focus on it all. I was really amazed at the Elephants and the Tigers! I had never seen a tiger dance on hind legs or a Elephant spin around on a foot stool. My only complaint was the price of everything! Popcorn was 8 bucks and bottled water was 5! It was a great show though and Kaden was thrilled! He woke up this morning and said that he had dreams about clowns. I took pics with my phone so the quality is not all that great.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A trip to the Farm

So we decided that it was high time to get out of the house. I was so excited to have heard about this place. They have goats, sheep, horse, and lots of cows. The superstition farm makes their own ice cream and other treats. It was a pretty good deal, we had a hay ride,  fed the animals and got an ice cream for just 5 bucks a person. They didn't open until 10 and by then it was already HOT! The high was 111 today and we were all about to wither away, so we only stayed for 2 hours.

A visit from Curious George

  We picked a great day to go to Barnes and Noble. It was our first time going for story time and since the book they ready was about George and the ice cream treat we got to have a special surprise visit from him. The kids did a cute little craft and then they gave out free ice cream treats. It was really great because I got to see a good friend from high school. She has one little boy who is the same age as Kaden. Kenidi was not interested in sitting on George's lap, she was apparently not as excited as I thought she would be.

Monday, June 20, 2011

They keep us laughing

So my dad and Kaden were sitting on the couch together and Kaden was noticing some things that looked different on grandpa. Kaden started to rub grandpa's face since he had a few days growth.

Grandpa- what do you see?

Kaden- Sparkles

Kaden then noticed Grandpa's hairy arms and started to play with it.

Grandpa- What is that?

Kaden- Fur!!

this kid is so gosh darn CUTE!!

Antibiotics AGAIN!

We took Kenid to the doctor last week because she was complaining of sharp pains in her ears, I was starting to get really concerned when she said that she felt like she couldn't hear very well! The doctor took one look in her ears and he knew right away that she had been swimming. We have spent quite a bit of time in the pool this summer and Kenidi has been trying to show me how brave she can be when she dunks her head under the water. At the time I didn't think anything of it but now I feel like a terrible mother.

She had a double ear infection on the inner and outer ears and to top it off the doctor said that there was even blood on the outer ear! So we had a prescription ear drop filled and picked it up after her appointment with the podiatrist. We are finally done with the ear drops and she is doing much better. My next goal is to get to the store and get wax ear plugs for each of the kids! I am sure thankful that we have really good insurance! We would be up to our ears in medical bills by now if it weren't for that.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretend Play

        So Kenidi comes into the kitchen pushing her bear on a stool that was turned upside down. She had her bear wrapped in a blanket and said that her bear was about to give birth. She then informed me in a very serious tone that her bear was having some difficulty getting the baby out of the normal place that it comes out of and that she would have to cut her open!! Oh my goodness I have no idea where she gets this from, I know that I have not been watching baby stories on TLC For years! So she then goes into the corner and starts to cut into the bears belly using a dinosaurs tail. Sharee and I were laughing hysterically at this point! Sharee asks when the baby's will be here and she tells her to just hold on a minute, she then runs to get a much smaller stuffed animal. I hear her say " Oh it's not just one baby, it's TWO!" She then quickly changes it to triplets. All the while Kaden is following her around as if he were her assistant. These kids are so cute and funny, I love to peek in on them secretly playing together. There is nothing more enjoyable than to see your kids enjoying to play together.