Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today I was downstairs cleaning and Kaden was playing down there with me. I got so caught up in cleaning that I didn't notice that Kaden had left to go back upstairs. I finally realized that he was gone and was about to go up there and check on him. When I turned around he was right there walking up to me holing a wrapper to an Ice Cream Sandwich! His face and hands were a mess!! I knew right away where he had got it- THE TRASH CAN!!!! Yuck, Yuck!! (I gave it to kenidi earlier that day but she couldn't eat it all, so she decided to save it and I found it in the refrigerator hours later. I threw it away since it was all melted. The Gross part was that I had put other trash on top of it, thankfully it wasn't anything harmful like raw meat, only the wrappers to our baked potatoes). When I first saw him I was not happy, but then I couldn't help but laugh at the same time. He just walked right up to me holding the wrapper out and then put it right into my hand, I guess that was his way of confessing although aren't you supposed to be remorseful when you repent, I can tell you that he was anything but that, only the ear to ear grin that you see in the picture! He then led me up the stairs where I found a pretty brown chocolate trail on almost all of the steps and up to the top floor. I then went into the kitchen and found Chocolate smeared all over the floor and the outside of the trash can! Needless to say I had my work cut out for me. He has been very mischievous lately- he knows how to get the pencils and pens out of the drawer in the kitchen and got a hold of a crayon and had colored all over the floor in the kitchen, as well as the tile around the fireplace! I really am ready for this phase to be over!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kaden Just turned eighteen months old on the 11Th! I can't believe hot time flys! He had a Doctor appointment on the ninth, I really wanted him to get in because of the rash he has on his face. The Doctor said it was some sort of a fungus and prescribed an over the counter cream called Lotrimin, it has been working pretty well...... we will just have to wait and see though. He was in the 82Nd Percentile for his height and the 30Th for his weight. He is just like his daddy- Tall and skinny! Now why can't I be like that? Kaden had to get five shots since he missed his last appointment, so they had to get him caught up.

Kaden had his first day of nursery, he did pretty good. When I left he didn't even notice that I was gone. We checked on him a few times and he was sitting in sister Hanna's lap. Which is an indicator that he was probably having a hard time. When Adam picked him up they said he did good, he threw a fit however when they took some crayons away from him, Which is no surprise to me since I deal with that sort of thing on a daily basis! The bishop came in and was holding him for a little bit and when Bishop Hanna left kaden was very upset! Kaden is so funny because the second we get to church and go to sit down kaden will keep walking up to the stand where the bishop is and wants him to hold him, then eventually he will bring kaden to us and kaden will get right back down and go back up there again. I just love my little guy, he is so much fun! He has been learning so much, he is talking a lot more now and is stringing more words together I have heard him say at least fifty words, each day he says new words I write them down in his journal, his new word today was mole, because he saw the mole on my face. That's all for now, until next time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth Festivities

Our fourth was quite exciting this year! Kenidi had her very first lemonade stand. We had a fun time doing that, Adam made the stand for her that morning. What an awsome father he is!! They were out there for a few hours selling lemondae. Kenidi made over ten dollars, which is pretty amazing considering it was only 10 cents per cup! Most people gave her a dollar but didn't want any change, we brought her piggy bank so she could practice handling money and giving proper change. Once we added up the change the people gave it back to her as a tip! She was so cute sitting there yelling out to the neighbors who passed by " Come get your lemonade, It's only ten cents!" After Kenidi & Adam were done selling lemonade we finished making our pinyada. Grandma steimle and Kadir came over for a picnic at five. We then took some pictures of the kids & and broke the pinyada, and filled zip lock bags of candy, so we could have a snack while we watched the fireworks.

I hoped to get some professionl pictures of the kids ,but I called way too late and they were all booked. I decided to take them myself!
Kenidi was wearing kaden's shorts, boy shorts are so cute on girls! They fit perfectly. They are still a little big for kaden so kenidi will wear them for now.

Playing Go Fish while wating for more customers

Our first customer
The kids couldn't break it open to kadir pitched it to Adam instead, I guess they
thought it would be moer fun. My first thought was, "look out for the car!"

This was Kaden's and Kenidi's First real Firework Show. We went to
The country club down on rock road and 13th street. The kids had a blast
kaden wasn't even scared he just laughed, he such a tough little kid.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Vacation

We recently took a family vacation to visit my family as well as Adam's. We left on thursday the 18th of June and drove until we got to Colorado Springs, it was about 7 1/2 hours! We got to visit with Adam's friend Danny Martecello and his wife Stephanie. Colordo is so beautiful and the weather was so perfect!! We then stayed in a hotel the Double Tree Inn (they have the yummiest cookies)! We were back on the road by eight am the next day and continued the treck to Utah. From colorado springs to Fish Lake was about 8 1/2 hours, we finally arrived at 5 pm . It was a lot of fun, I was nervous since I didn't really know how the kids would do, but it was rather enjoyable they watched some movies when they got bored and slept really well, we held our breath through all the tunnels, and lifted our feet up when we drove over the railroads! Once we got to fish lake we started looking for a decent campground. Shortly after we arrived my Aunt Elaine showed up with his husband Steve, My uncle Carl was already there and his children .
All of my fathers siblings were at the reunion with their children (Don, Elaine, Ruth, Caroline, Charlie & Carl) I always look forward to the family reunions I love my family we always have a blast! I didn't realize it was going to be so cold and rainy. I had packed a single sweater for each of the kids, one pair of pants for myself and one sweater! So we were a little bit miserable and then to make matters worse kenidi leaked through her pull up onto her only sweater so we had to wash it and hang it over the fire to dry. It got really dry, a little tooo dry actually! While adam was gathering more wood I decided to go check on the sweater and found it in flames!!! Since my parents didn't camp with us they were able to pick up some warm things for the kids to wear (the closest store was an hour away). The reunin was form the 19th to the 20th we had roasted hot dogs for dinner, and sat around the campfire telling jokes. We went fishing on the boat, and just enjoyed visiting with eachother.

Kaden kept kicking his blankets off, we were worried he would get too cold so adam put him in
his sleeping bag, and I had kenidi in mine.

After the reunion we drove to my grandmothers house in Manti, Utah. The plan was to go to the Momon Miracle Pagent, but we were so tired and decided to go to bed instead!
The next day was fathers day, I wanted to make Adam some german pancakes but we didn't have the things we needed and didn't want to burden my grandma so we decided to go out to eat at this little resturant on Main street. It felt weird going out to eat on sunday, my mothers coin phrase is " The ox is in the mire"!

I was so excited to meet Andrea, my soon to be sister in law. She is such a sweetheart!!

After breakfast We visited my grandfathers grave . It is a little over nine years now since he died.

I love, Love, Love, this picture!! This is the temple that Adam and I recieved our endownments in. This is a special temple beacuse it means a lot to my family, I had ancestors who helped in building a beautiful, ornate staircase inside. My grandfather Frank Wanlass was also a temple sealer for over thirty years. My grandmother was able to do temple work there as well.

After visiting my grandfathers grave we drove to Salt lake City, we first checked into our hotel and then we rode the light rail through down town Salt Lake. I was so nervous that the kids might pick up the swine flu since it has been so rampent in Utah so I made kenidi fold her arms. We picked up lunch, and then took it with us to the temple. Once we finished eating we went inside the visitors center and looked around for a while.

The kids had a lot of fun playing on the temple grounds. I think they were dieing to just streatch their legs and run free since they had been so couped up in the car! Kaden was ready to jump in, he is so fearless! As you can tell by the picture I was not having very much fun!


The next day was monday and we decided that while we were still in salt lake we might as well go visit the family history center. We saw alot of interesting things, like a replica of the printing press and some of the origianl Books of Mormon! I was so excited to find some original letters that my Fifth Great Grandfather Joseph Night Sr. Had written to the prophet Joseph Smith.

After visiting the family history center, we went to Idaho Falls to visit Karalee and their family. Their kids are so cute and so respectful. We went on a double date with karalee and Sam. We went out to eat and then to the driving range. Then the next Day Karelee's kids wanted to make their own Olympics. They had an egg race, slip and slide, swiming pool, and blew up water baloons. Alexia made a pinyada.Sheand I worked on finding something to hang it with. Then they invited their neighbor friends over to play. We had a great visit with them!

We left Karalee's Tuesday afternoon and went to visit Holly and her family. We had a Barbaque and got to look at their farm. Kenidi and Elijah really bonded he was so sweet to her.

After dinner we got to ride their horse. Someday I will have a horse!

I love this picture of Kaden he is such a little heart throb!

Hey,Hott Stuff!!

The next day we went on a hike, Here is a picture of Moroni carrying kenidi

Cute Little cowgirl

Next we visited Kristy and Mike Jorgensen in Roosevelt, Utah. We got there pretty late it was almost midnight. Then the next day we went to the rec center in Vernal. After that we went to Walmart to get kacey a birthday gift. I was very suprised to see Daniel there we didn't think we would see him on our trip. When I saw him walk around the asile I just couldn't help but jump on him!

Kristy is so talented, she made this beautiful cake for Kacey's Birthday!

Kenidi and Kacey were instant frineds they played so well together!

Uncle Dan and Kaden chillen

Grandpa steimle gave the two girls a stuffed animal, Kenidi got a beaver and Kacey got a wolf.

We went to the drive in movies that night and saw the movie Up.
Kaden was crazy and wouldn't sit still so we had to strap him into his car seat

The cousins having fun in the Hummer

Here is Ethan drinking from the outside water line, I remember doing this as a kid!

Working hard in the yard

Such little men, sooo cute!

We left kristy's on friday the 26th and stopped in colorado that night, and then continued our drive back home we got home saturday evening at 7 pm. It was a fun trip, I still can't believe how much we did in that amount of time especially considering we drove for almost five days of that! I was bummed that we didn't get a chance to do a session at the Temple ,I hoped we could go for our anniversary, but oh well we will have many more opportunities. Altogther we drove more than 48 hours!! I was happy to be back though and to sleep in my own bed, I still don't think I have caught up on the sleep that I missed but that's okay cuz it was all worth it!