Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had quite an eventful evening, after Shem and Andrea came over we all gathered around for our clam and chicken chowder MMMMM sooo yummy, I couldn't get enough of it! Then around Seven we drove to a few families homes to deliver christmas goodies, and then we were on our way to the Gardner's Family christmas party, they had a lot planned for the evening. When we first got there they were doing a little skit up on the stage, it was the Twas the night before christmas skit. I sat down and then two minutes later I was told that I would be one of the reindeer in the next scene.... of course I agreed, they only had four reindeer however, but at least Shanna was one of them. After the skit they did the Nativity and kenidi got to be one of the wise men, they had all the grandchildren sit in a circle, and turned all the lights off and then gave each child a flashlight. They talked about how Jesus christ is the giver of light and through him we will find peace and happiness. The lights were back on and then they read from the new testament in Luke 2. After that they blew up a big moonwalk that they had rented. The kids had a blast bouncing in there! After a little while we decided to leave but as we were heading out the door a group of carolers came in and sung a few songs. Then Adam and Mark decided to go for a ride in mark's Dad's souped up golf cart, I got to go for a ride once they got back.... It was not fun at all, way too cold and bouncy. After that we said bye to everyone and went on our way. We drove to forrest knoll and looked at the christmas lights we saw a house that had put on quite a display.... They had the lights twinkle to the beat of a song we tuned into 107.3 and were able to hear the music playing on the radio that went along to the beat of the lights! It was really fun. Then we drove by Adam's Aunt and Uncle's house ( Lane and Margaret). We finally came home, and the kids opened they're christmas eve presents. They each got a pair of pajamas, Kenidi's were ballerina, and Kadens were monkey. Then we read christmas stories and got the kids down for bed. It was such a fun day, full of memories :) Turn your Volume up to hear the video

Christmas is here????

I can't believe that it's already christmas eve!! I feel like it has totally crept up on me, I know I always say that, but it really has this year! Well I can only imagine why, I think my mind has been other places, with moving out here and trying to sell our home. I think another reason why it just doesn't feel like christmas is becasue it's so warm here!! I always imagine cool weather this time of year. It was very different coming from Kansas to Arizona, I felt like I was in some tropical land, I went from cold weather with barren trees to this green warm place! I still can't get over it. Every morning I look out the window as I eat my breakfast and see these grapefruits and oranges growing on the trees, dont get me wrong I am not complaining I love the warm weather I grew up with it. Well I finally got all of my shopping done...Yipeee!! Tongiht will be fun we have a tradition in our family. Every christmas eve my mom makes clam chowder, but since I married Adam who most definatley does not like clams (and is deathly allergic to them) My mother now makes both clam and chicken chowder. I remember eating that and having family and friends over, we would all sit around the fire while my mom read christmas stories to us. This year we will be having dinner over here and then we are going to have some fun with Mark's Family ( my brother in law). Every year his family gets together they have all of their grandkids dress up and do the reinactment of the first christmas, this year baby Jesus will be Shanna's son Nixen. After that I think we will drive around and look at all the creative christmas lights. It should be fun!!

Fun with Grandpa

The kids have such a blast playing with Grandpa! He is truly in touch with his kid side, I remember playing with him when I was a kid, I loved to go for horseback rides and sit on his feet while he would ride me around, I remeber thinking to myself how strong my dad was that he could lift me with his leg. It has been quite hard for me to play with the kids.... sometimes I feel like I have a disability or something, it sure makes things difficult but I am thankful that at least someone can fill their needs!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy in my heart

Kenidi is such a sweet little girl, the other day we were leaving wal mart and kenidi and I heard the bells ringing. I reached in my puse to pull my last few pennies and dimes, and as always I hand them to kenidi to put in the salvatoin army donation bucket. As we started to walk away I said to kenidi " Now doesn't that make you feel good, to be so giving"! Kenidi said, with much enthusiasm " Yes, mommy it makes me feel Happy in my heart"! I just love the way she articulated her words their was no better way than that for her to describe how she felt. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter!

Friday, December 11, 2009

So Confused

Today I was reading on babycenter. I recieve weekly updates on what to expect during pregnancy. I was reading about measurements and where your uterus should be, since I am 16 weeks. It said the top of the uterus is about halfway between your pubic bone and your navel. So I decided to measure it myself I didn't mesure at 16 weeks though instead it was 20 weeks, I thought It was much larger because when I lay down I can feel the top of my uterus right at my belly button. So now I am confused.... my husband has been telling me all along that we are having twins, that scares me!! So either it's a larger baby, I mis calculated my due date, or we are having twins!! Yikes!!! I can't imagine that the due date was mis claculated though because, I remember the first day of my last missed period, and I entered that into the pregnancy calculator. I really need to go to the doctor!

Four months

I am now four months pregnant, I look more like five months though! This past week has been exciting because I started feeling tiny little movements! I am surprised I can feel it this early on. I am nowhere near as sick as I used to be, I will accasionally feel a little nauseous but its usually when I wait too long to eat. I definitely have an increase in appetite. One thing that I can't stand is the frequent bathroom trips, I have been so sleepy lately probably beacuse I wake up at least once In the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, once I lay back down it takes at least an hour sometimes a few to finally fall back asleep! If anyone has some tips please help, I will do anything! I guess I shouldn't complain It could be worse, I am just so thankful to be over that awful morning sickness.... I will take a full bladder at night, over morning sickness any day! Kenidi is so funny she has predicted that we are going to have a girl and then changes her mind to a boy, she just cant make up her mind. We will be happy with whatever we get though, just as long as the baby is healthy, that's all we ask. Oh I also found out something interesting, I am still a little bit sceptical but some people say that your chances of giving birth are greater on a full moon, so I decided to google the full moon calendar and found that my due date which is May 27th actually falls on a full moon! That would be so neat to have my baby on it's due date, for many reasons of course...... all I ask is that I don't go past my due date that was terrible last time, Kaden's poor skin was so red and flaky, the doctors said it was due to the fact that the placenta wasn't working as well which causes that skin problem.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today, we took a little trip to Sams club. While on our way, Kenidi says " Mommy I just saw a pickle.....and it had two arms coming out of it, it looked like a man!" She was so thrilled and thought it was adorable. I just started to laugh and then I asked "Are you sure it was a pickle?" "Maybe it was a Cactus!" She said, "Yes it was a cactus, but I like to call it a pickle!" She is sooo adorable, I love the cute little things she says! Oh to be a kid again and to have that kind of imagination!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today In fast and testimony meeting I was sitting there and pondering on all of the wonderful testimonies, there was one testimony in particular that stood out in my mind.... the person was saying how every year at this time she will reflect on where she is now as compared to the year before. I sat there thinking to myself, where I am now and if I am a better person than I was the last year. I would have to honestly say that I have regressed in some ways, there are definately areas that I have improved on, but I feel like I have taken several steps back. We have been learning a lot lately about service, and all I feel is guilt. I have been having this nagging feeling a lot lately that there is so much I should be doing to serve heavenly fathers children. I know that we live in a day of luxury, and selfishness. I find myself at times taking for granted all the luxuries that I have! I keep pondering on the talk given by president Thomas S Monson and his birthday wish for members of the church to seek for opportunities of service. As I sat there watching him speak and seeing the video of all the cards that were sent to him, I was filled with joy. All the different examples of service given even the very small and simple acts of service. I think the reason I was so filled with joy was beacuse I know how it feels when someone is of service to me, and that same feeling I get is felt by our heavenly father when his children are showing the kind of love that our savior has shown for us in so many ways. Sister Traasdahl, gave a wonderful lesson today in Relief Society about service and at the very end of the lesson she showed a short video clip of families and children that were homeless, and the rough conditions that they live in. As I sat there watching the video I thought we are all heavenly fathers children just like the scripture says. Heavenly Father is no respector of persons, meaning he doesn't value one person over the other bacause someone may be smarter or may make more money, he loves us all the same!! To put it into perspective I think the best way I can understand that love he has for us, is to remember my own love for my children, when I had my first child and then found out we were going to be having another one I thought how on earth am I gonna love this child as much as I love my first? I do love them the same though, my love for them is equal. Having this knowledge helps me to understand how Heavenly Father does truly love unconditionally. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nixen Mark Gardner

My Little sis is officially a Mom!! Making me an Aunt on the wanlass side of the family. Little Nixen was born on December 2nd at 11:25am He was 8 pounds 2 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. I couldn't stop holding her sweet little baby, this is making me very anxious for my little one to arrive. Luckily I get to babysit when Shanna goes back to work, that will definately help things go by faster and in the mantime I can get my baby fix.