Monday, February 27, 2012

Jan-Feb Happenings

As always I delay my posts for so long that I have a ton to catch up on. These past few months have flown by! In January Kaden celebrated his 4th birthday, I didn't originally plan on making him a fondant cake  but after feeling quite guilty I did some last min stuff. We ran to the store and got him a handy Manny demolition set and I went strait to work. I was very surprised at how quickly I pulled it off, it took about 2 hours to make and just in case you were wondering that is fast for me. Kenidi's cake took a little more than a day. That night we went to MacDonald's for dinner (Kaden's choice) then we rode bikes at walmart to see which Bike was best for Kaden. He rode the bike all the way up to the cash register and said in a very stout voice "Big Boy bike please!" This kid cracks me up!

Britynn has been suffering from ear infections since she was about 11 months old. We finally decided to get tubes, I really didn't know what to expect and spent the night before the surgery tossing and turning. I was really surprised at how quick and easy it was! It was all worht it to have Britynn free of infections!

I have been very busy at the gym these past few weeks. I am now running 4 miles! Yay I have tried to run outside but it is too cold and painful so for now I am gonna stick to the treadmill till it gets warmer.

The Carthage school district just had Winter Break, it was nice to have Kenidi home and to spend time with all of my kiddos! We got to do a lot of fun activities that her school challenged the kids to do during the break. All of it related to 100 since they passed the 100th day of school. We took 100 steps in the snow, made pictures with 100 stars, counted to 100 by 5's,10's and 1's. over the break we got sick, first it was Britynn, then me then Kaden and Adam. Kenidi is the only one who has not come down with any symptoms. We had what is called gastroenteritis, which is basically two days of throwing up and five days of diarrhea. I lost 5pounds!! It was so yucky and I am so glad that it is all done and over with.


  All of my kids have had this same interest in putting their feet up on the table, the funny thing is that they have all discovered it right around the same age!!