Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kenidi's 1st day of School

Our little Pumpkin is in First Grade! We woke up early this morning before daddy left for work so that he could give her a fathers blessing. I had a sister from the ward come and stay with kaden and Britynn so that I could take Kenidi to her first day of school. Kenidi's teacher is Ms. Baist and she is such a lovely lady. I have a very good feeling about her new teacher and her new class! Kenidi and I both could not wait for school to finally start. Here are a few pictures of Kenidi with her new teacher.


  1. What a cutie!! Give Kenidi a big hug from all of us!!

  2. TOO CUTE! I can't believe she is so big! And she just looks so stinking cute in her little skirt and pink boots for school - love it!

  3. Wow she is growing fast! How fun :) love you all!