Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kaden is 5!!

I can't believe our little Buddy is 5!! What?? Holy Cow time is sure flying by! So every year my kiddos have their birthday I interview them and use pretty much the same questions. I think it is interesting to see how things change over the years and what things always remain the same. So here it is...
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Restaurant: #1 Olive Garden #2 MacDonald
Favorite food: Pizza & Salad
Favorite T.V. Show: Octonauts
Best friend: Zack Vinsion
Favorite Toy: Handy Manny demolition set 
I asked him one thing that he learned this year and his answer was that he learned to share! ;-)

Kaden is such an amazing little kid! He has such a soft heart and is very sensitive. I really actually like that he is because that means he is more sensitive to other people and their feelings as well. He loves to help out whenever he can and is a very good big brother. He has been learning to read and can read some short stories with a little help. He is counting by twos and is starting to count higher and higher each day. He loves to play with his new remote control truck and Skype with Grandma and Grandpa. He is lovable, silly, smart, handsome, and a lot of fun to be around! I wish I could remember the silly things he says but I am drawing a blank for now..... this is why I need to be better about blogging.

We threw him an early birthday party since daddy would be gone for his real birthday so we had it on the 5th instead. It was an Octonauts party; Which is his favorite t.v. show!

                                                  Kaden wearing his Captain Barnacles cap

                                               This cake took me 9 and a half hours to make!

                                                   Thanks for decorating Daddy! :) you're the best

                                            We played a fishing game with the kids! This was so much fun! We used a real fishing hook so we had to be extra careful. I got stabbed 5 times!... I don't have much experience with this stuff so I ended up being on the other side of the sheet attaching the prizes instead. The funniest ones were when they pulled a clean pair of Kaden's underwear and a Diaper! We all got a pretty good Chuckle

          Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Kaden Happy Birthday to you!

                                And of course the presents! I think the kids giving the gifts to him were more excited about it than he was :-) One of the kids ended up grabbing the gift and opening it because kaden wasnt doing it fast enough! So hillarious

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  1. Happy Birthday Kaden! Can't believe you are 5! Last time we seen you, you were a little guy! WOW time has flown by. Hope you all are doing well!